new cozy cat bed!

greetings, furriends!  sorry that we haven’t been blogging much lately, but mom keeps coming up with all sorts of scuses why she can’t help us blog.  work, work, work…

mommy and daddy took a trip far far away a few weeks ago.  Aunt Deb came and visited us.  we like Aunt Deb.

when mommy and daddy got back from chicago, we gave their bags a good sniff.  they brought us a present!

looky!  padre gave it a good sniff.

panda bear gave it a good sniff.

i gave it a good sniff.  the new bed is furry comfortabubble.

the new bed fits me best!  it’s pretty, it’s pink, and the brown spots go great with my furs!

hoppy easter and passover everykitty!

8 thoughts on “new cozy cat bed!”

  1. What a pretty bed! My mommy said she loves pink and cozy things and would like one for herself that looks like that. Mom bought a little bed for me that was on sale at the drugstore. I think it is really for a small doggie cuz it has a bone on it. It is not so pretty as yours, but it is soft and cozy. I didn’t like it at first, but then Mom put her head in it and pretended to sleep– I can always tell when she is pretendin. Mom seemed to like it so then I cozied up inside and now I love snoozin in dere.
    Cat naps are so nice. Enjoy, Furry Bambinos!

  2. Guess what, Furry Bambinos? My human beans fambly is goin to Minneapolis without me next month! The only thing that could possibly make this ok is if your ‘rents come to see me and give me skritches and food each day. Would that be ok with yous guyz?

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