They’re Definitely Not Mr. Frisby

We have quite possibly the world’s dumbest mousies in our neighborhood. Specifically, in our basement.

Now let me first explain that as a Cat of the Cloth, I am a pacifist when it comes to prey. Sure, I will get all excited with Panda Bear and Meerkat, but I never lay a paw on the mousies. Or a tooth.

On the other paw, Meerkat and Panda Bear are warm-blooded killers. Murderers! There have been three murders in the past three days. I gave the mousies the last rites, and then said prayers for them before Daddy performed the burials.

You’d think that word would get out in the mouse community to STAY AWAY from the one-eyed monster and his sister. In the meantime, I continue to prey, er I mean, pray, for the souls of the mousies. And for the dark little souls of Panda Bear and Meerkat.

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