Stinky Goodness, “Revisited”

Mom Here: Those of you with weak stomachs should skip this post.

Panda Bear Here: Mom made me let her say that. What a wuss!

OK, so if some kitty eats food, and the food goes to their tummy, it’s still food, right?

Well, then, if some kitty’s tummy decides to hork up that food, it’s still food, right?

So what’s wrong if some other kitty (like me) decides to sample that pile of hork? It’s still food, right? I dare say it is the epitome of Stinky Goodness.

For some reason, Mom and Dad try to deter me from sampling hork piles. They just don’t understand good cuisine.

5 thoughts on “Stinky Goodness, “Revisited””

  1. Bambinos,
    Funny you should mention this. Just a few days ago, I left my mom a present on her vanity while she was brushing her teeth. I thought she’d appreciate a hot meal, but I was wrong. She didn’t get mad at me, though. She seemed more worried than anything, but I think she was a also little grossed out.

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