our blog was hijacked by two pipsqueak kittehs


sorry about that last post efurryone.  we have had two fosters boarders introoders living here at Casa Furry Bambino for the past week.  while they were here, they hijacked our blog.

mom explained to me (blah blah blah …) that these kittehs are called “fosters” and that we are “paying it forward” by letting them stay with us while they wait for their furrever home.  just like how someone fostered us furry bambinos before we came to live here.


the pipsqueaks are off at boarding school right now (Parma PetSmart).  yay!!!  we have the house to ourselves again!  while they were here, there was a gate at the top of the stairs, and that really put a crimp on our games of thundering herds of elephants.

panda bear and i were especially annoyed at the placement of gates that restricted our air space.  panda bear is a very clever escape artist, so the gates didn’t last long before mom and dad gave up.

the only good thing about them being here is that we scored some cool new cat toys out of the deal.

in other news, the neighbors next door have multiple barky dogs that are disturbing my beauty sleep.


6 thoughts on “our blog was hijacked by two pipsqueak kittehs”

  1. Tammy Faye is snoozin’, so I am taking a rare opportunity to leave a comment. Usually Tammy does, but you know that if ya snooze, ya lose.
    I enjoyed the adorable pics of the cats above. What is that new toy–Roulette for kittehs?

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