Our Newest Movie!

We are pleased to announce our second movie!  Bambino Films has now released MY Catnip Bananer”.  It’s a thrilling adventure film that shows the chilling consequences of having one tempting catnip toy for three cats!

The stars of the film are us, The Furry Bambinos: Meerkat, Panda Bear, and me!  Grab your bag of Temptations and enjoy the show!

Kittens, you may need to shield your eyes at times. The film is rated PG (pretty good) because of some kitty-cat violence and fur flying.

if the movie doesn’t show above, click here to view the movie here instead

(The footage for this film was taken prior to Mom going out and getting us two more catnip bananers. The fight depicted in this movie was what convinced her that we are not so good at sharing.)

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  1. You have been tagged for the Seven Useful Things meme by Bear and Shadow. Head to their blog to see the “We’re Useful Kittehs” post to see what the meme is about.

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    Bear and Shadow

    we loved the video 🙂

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