our friend, miss tammy faye

i thought that i would introduce our good friend, miss tammy faye kitty girl to you all. her mom and our mom are good friends. tammy’s mommy visited us and took care of us when our mommy and daddy were away.

this is tammy faye’s picture. mom said tammy faye got her name because of all the pretty colored furs around her eyes. isn’t tammy faye just adorable?

Miss Tammy Faye

tammy faye is a devon rex kitty, just like our friend daisy the curly cat!

Mr. Demille, I am ready for my closeup!

last weekend, tammy faye’s parents went really far away. so our mommy and daddy went to visit tammy and fed her and kept her company. tammy faye gave our mommy the perfunctory “oh you’re not my real mom” treatment.

Youre not my real mom!

but tammy faye really really liked our daddy! check out this photo of tammy flirting with daddy!

Miss Tammy Faye flirting with Daddy!

isn’t tammy sweet? she is a tiny kitty, like daisy.

Hmmmm … what

note tammy’s pretty purple claw covers:

Pretty Purple for Miss Tammy Faye!

tammy does not have her own blog, but here is what she wrote as a comment about my post from a few weeks ago (about mommy and daddy flirting with other kitties):

I hope you guys don’t mind, furry feline freinds, but your ma and pa flirted with me while my beans were out of town last weekend. Your ma and pa are sure nice; you are so lucky to have them! They took real good care of me so i was not too upset when my beans came home from visiting their other beans in Chicago. So, can we just all get along and share your ma and pa’s love?

tammy faye is our friend. since we know and like her mommy, we know that tammy faye is OK for flirting with.

Sunbeam napping is the best!

in other news, we were tagged by bear and shadow for the “7 useful things” meme.  we will post our meme in the next few days!

14 thoughts on “our friend, miss tammy faye”

  1. Meowza! I’m famous now. Thanks, Meerkat, for bloggin about me. Your picksures make me look like a real glamour puss. Thanks to all my new fuzzy feline friends who made such nice comments about me —I love attention. A special shout out to cousins Onyx and Oreo in Arizona. Thanks for commenting. I wish I could come over to play. I’ll bet your window area is warmer than mine, too! Auntie Sue and Unca David, thanks again for takin such good care and cuddlin and itchin and feedin and lovin me while my beans -( sometime I call them the ‘rents when I being sassy)–were gone.
    BTW, Mom and Dad LOVED the card with my pics on it. They kept looking at it again and again and gigglin. They got it yesterday and I noticed that I typed the wrong address. it is 4585. Sometimes, I like to type things just to mess with ya. Right, Meerkat? seeeekaoel;;;;;;;pjantpam,rgf0000099888777667

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