Poor Meerkat & Padre!

I feel sorry for Meerkat and Padre! 

As you regular readers know, I only has one eye.  I had an infection as a young kitty and they removed my right eye.  It’s okay, though.  It was just an extra one as far as I can tell. 

Go ahead … try and get closer!

I can jump to high places.  I can catch and deadify mousies in the dark.

Panda Bear pins down the mouse!

I can get into “things I’m not supposed to”.

Panda Bear in the Refrigerator!

Panda Bear goes climbing

Panda with head in mug

Panda Bear in the closet

I can play Thundering Herd of Elephants with Meerkat and Padre.

Up the down staircase

I can chase and catch birdies on a string.

Panda Bear gets the red thing

I can be a pirate!  I’m fast and agile and nothing stops me from exploring! 

Panda Bear playing in the snow!

On the outside looking in

A stroll in the snow

And I can catch moths with my paws!

Poor Meerkat and Padre need two eyes to do all that!  How untalented of them.  Guess that’s why I’m so special!

Gramma sent me a really great cartoon recently.  It’s from a comix called “Mutts”.  Maybe you have it in your newspaper.  If not, you can go to their website and see the comix.  Daddy says something about “copy rite infrringment” if we post it here.  So, go read the Mutt’s cartoon

Hooray for one-eyed kitties like me!  We’re super great and don’t have any extra parts!

We were tagged by Bear and Shadow, and are hard at work on our “7 Useful Things” Meme. We will post it this weekend!

8 thoughts on “Poor Meerkat & Padre!”

  1. Hooray for one-eyed kitties, you are extra-special. My Mommie said that, at the shelter, there is a cat named Shinji who had his eye removed last Friday after he had a complication from a bad infection in his eye, too. He still has his sutures in his eye, but he is doing great. My Mommie wishes she could take him home.

  2. Meowza, Panda Bear–U r shure good at alotta things! My mom sez you hav a bee-eu-ti-full shiney coat, too! I wish I could play THOE with you guys. As U know, I am an only child, so I hafta play THOE by myself. Oh, and I noticed that the big box that keeps ur cat food and the Snapple cold is a lot cleaner than mine. Mom says she must tackle ours and also the humans’ litter box room this weekend. But why she is going to play football with there???????????

  3. Panada you are a handsome lad. I’m amazed at how well you handle your “disablity” and excel at everything. I’m glad to see your still able to hunt the mice, cause your momma needs a tuff kitty like you to keep them away from her.

    Cheers to you little buddy, keep up the positive role modelling 🙂
    Bear and Shadow

    p.s. Shadow thinks your goatee is purrfect and sexy 🙂

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