Our Gizzy Quilts Arrived!

Mommy ordered us Gizzy Quilts as a special Christmas gift.  Mommy asked us what our color preferences were, and then she contacted Millie’s Mom, Lynne, about making the Gizzy Quilts.  For those of you who don’t know, Millie has her own blog, Darling Millie, which we love to read every day.  The quilts are named for Gizzy, Millie’s big brother, who went to The Rainbow Bridge earlier this year.  You can see other Gizzy Quilts that Millie’s Mom made at the Bizzy for Gizzy Quilts web site.  Millie’s Mom is furry talented indeed!

 When the quilts arrived, of course Panda Bear and I had to sniff the box:

The boys sniff the quilt box

Not to be outdone, Meerkat also gave the box a thorough sniffing:

Meerkat Sniffs the Quilt Box

And then we had to sniff our quilts.  Here I am on my “Warm Cheery Blue” Gizzy Quilt:

Padre on his blue quilt

And this is Meerkat on her “Brown and Beige Kalahari” Gizzy Quilt (note how well her quilt matches her furs):

Meerkat on her quilt

And this is Panda Bear checking out his “Dark Brick Red” Gizzy Quilt.  Note how well Panda Bear’s quilt matches the curtains.  (You can see the curtains better in the picture of Meerkat on her quilt.)

Panda Bear on his new quilt

Plus, here is a photo of Panda Bear on my “Warm Cheery Blue” Gizzy Quilt.  Apparently, Panda Bear is not particular about where he stretches out:

Panda on Padre

Obviously, I have some “educating” to do here!

The Gizzy Quilts are absolutely beautiful.  The photos do not do the quilts justice!  Plus, it was so much fun to get to choose exactly the colors that we wanted!  Thanks so much for creating such beautiful Gizzy Quilts for us, “Mom Lynne”!

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