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Unsolved Mystery: How Hard is it to Choose The Right Flavor?

Greetings, Furriends! Today, we are purrticipating in the CB “Unsolved Cat and Dog Mysteries”. Thanks to the Zoolatry Girls for creating this event and these great badges!

Padre here. Or as Mom and Dad call me, “The Fuss A$$”.

Today’s Unsolved Mystery at Casa de Furry Bambinos is “How Hard is it to Choose The Right Flavor?”. Despite having lots of Stinky Goodness to choose from:

Somehow The Person Who is Using their Opposable Thumbs to Open the Cans (i.e., Mom or Dad) rarely selects The Right Flavor. Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

When they choose The Wrong Flavor, I give them the Back of Disrespect. I refuse to eat the rubbish they serve.

But! But! Once, a few months ago, When The Heavens Were Aligned, Mom managed to select The Right Flavor.

I ate all the Stinky Goodness in my dish.

Sunny, who is accustomed to getting my leftovers, was distressed at the lack of Leftover Stinky Goodness in the dish.

Then, I moved onto Cookie’s dish for seconds.

Since then, I have refused to eat this flavor on more than one occasion. It just wasn’t The Right Day to eat that flavor.

Gotta keep ’em guessing, kittehs.

8 thoughts on “Unsolved Mystery: How Hard is it to Choose The Right Flavor?”

  1. I bet I am even pickier than you are, Padre! Even better, I will like one flavor for a while and then decide I don’t like it anymore. Sometimes I hate all the food my human gives me. Sometimes I will even shun cat treats! And then Binga tries to steal all my rejected food and treats! I totally keep my human off kilter!

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