Excellent Award and Bambino Update

Hi efurrybody! Panda Bear repurrting.

First, we would like to thank our good friend Millie for giving us this award:

Excellent Blog

Wow, we are humbled to be awarded by someone like Millie, who has such a fantastic blog.  Now, we need to pass the award on.  We would like to recognize:

Max, The PsychoKitty (my purrsonal role model and truly an Excellent Blogger)

Now for the update on recent events at Casa Cabán.  This has been a tough week. Mommy and Daddy went back to work on Monday, leaving The Furry Bambinos home alone. We managed OK without them, but we missed them and gave them a warm welcome when they got home.

Then Daddy got sick with “the flew”. I dunno why they call it that, cause he sure wasn’t doing any flying like a birdie. And he was not as much fun as Mommy was when she was sick. Daddy went to work instead of staying home and sleeping on the sofa with us.

Then on the way home from work yesterday, The Room That Moves got sick. Apparently its scarf fell off while Daddy was driving to go get Mommy. The Room That Moves made awful loud noises. Daddy said that he had to call Triple A. They came and toad The Room That Moves to the fix-it place.  I didn’t realize Triple A used toads.

Panda Bear? 

Yes, Dad?

I said the muffler fell off, not the scarf.  And the car was towed, not toad.

Muffler, scarf, frogs, toads, whatever.

And Daddy says The Room That Moves will purr like a kitten once it’s all fixed.  I dunno about that.

8 thoughts on “Excellent Award and Bambino Update”

  1. Hey, there, my fine feline friends! So sorry your daddy flew. I hope it’s not the bird flew! I was sick,too and had to go to see Dr. Amy and her helpers. They took a big bag with yellow stuff in it and gave me cold flew-ids sub-Q. I didn’t like it one bit, but I did feel better the next day. My mom called me her little flew-zy, whatever that means. Please tell your daddy that we hope he feels better and that he really should stay home and sleep on the sofa with you guys when he feels sick so you can help him feel better.
    Love, Tammy Faye

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