I'm somewhere around 4 or 5 years old. My previous humans removed my front claws and left me on the doorstep of a feline doctor. The nice lady at PAWS took me in for a couple of weeks and praised my docile and friendly nature. Luckily, these other people fell in love with me and brought me to my forever home. They say I look so much like their previous cat, and I'm just as sweet.


On behalf of The Furry Bambinos, we want to wish efurryone a Furry Happy Valentine’s Day!!

We wish you much love, shnugglies, purrs, and cuddles!  This is Meerkat and Panda Bear “sharing” the cat perch on Padre’s Gizzy Quilt:

Kitty Perch

This is Panda Bear and Padre enjoying some quality time on the foot stool thingy:

Being Civil

We hope that you enjoy the day!

You might also enjoy this cartoon.   It was published nationally today, but might not appear in your paper.  Bizzaro: Animal Valentine’s Gift.  We thought it was appropriate because one of us Furry Bambinos left Mommy and Daddy such a gift this morning!  😆


Hi efurrybody! Padre here.

Sorry that we haven’t been blogging for a few days. We did not have access to a computer because we were AWAY FROM HOME. The Furry Bambinos are back home now at Casa Cabán, safe and sound. We are very very very happy to be home. This is where we were:

The Barkley Pet Hotel Sign

On Wednesday afternoon, Mommy scooped us up and shoved us into the evil cat carriers. Immediately, I voiced my protest, but to no avail. Daddy and Mommy put us into the room that moves and we drove away.

At first, I didn’t know what was going on, and I was afraid that Mommy and Daddy decided to give us back to PAWS, the rescue group that they adopted us from.  I was extremely upset, because I really love this furrever home, and I really love Mommy and Daddy. I was afraid that we did something bad, so they were giving us away.  🙁

But we did not go back to PAWS. Instead we went to The Barkley Pet Hotel and Day SpaTM.

The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa

Panda Bear and I complained the whole way there. Meerkat kept quiet, but she was quivering the entire time.

Once at The Barkley, they showed us to our “suite”.  At least the three of us got to stay together in the same unit.

Our Kitty City Condo Unit at The Barkley

Apparently Mommy and Daddy were going out of town for a few days. Winter weather is unpredictable here in Northeast Ohio. So they did not want to ask a friend (like Miss Deb who visited us before) to try to navigate our driveway in bad weather. Dad kept saying things about “beaching the car in deep snow at the end of the driveway.” Whatever that means.

They let us explore the “Kitty City” at The Barkley. There was a climbing tower thingy, and Meerkat climbed all the way to the top!

Meerkat explores the jungle gym at The Barkley Pet Hotel

There were also some trees in the corner, so Meerkat checked those out, too.

Meerkat hiding among the trees

Panda Bear got hissed at by a kitty named Daisy who was staying in another condo unit. He was not miffed in the least, and looked at her as if to say “What’s with you?” Panda Bear also inspected this thing called a “step stool”.

Panda Bear explores The Barkley Pet Hotel

I preferred to hide out in the lowest level of our condo unit, which is where the litter boxes were.

Checking out the litterboxes at The Barkley Pet Hotel

Exploring the floor at The Barkley Pet Hotel

Mommy was very sad and gave us lots of hugs and kisses. Daddy gave us hugs too. Then they left!!! At least the humans who run The Barkley were nice, and checked on us while Mommy and Daddy were away. The Barkley humans fed us and gave us fresh water and emptied the litter pans.

While we were there, we found out The Barkley is mostly for woofies to spend the day or night, and that Kitty City is a special area just for us cats.  We heard through the grapevine of other kitties and snippets of talk from the humans that there is a pool, and a fountain, and massages, and accupuncture, and even  limousine rides for woofies!  Despite this imbalance of care for woofies, I consulted with Panda Bear and Meerkat and we give The Barkley a “4 paw” rating for cats!

Finally Mommy and Daddy came back on Saturday afternoon and rescued us from The Barkley. While it was a nice place to visit, all of us Furry Bambinos are so glad to be home!!

The Barkley did not have a computer for us to use, so we have a lot of catching up to do reading and commenting on blogs…


Hi efurrybody!! Padre here. I have been thinking of creating a meme about nicknames. Although I have lived here with Mom and Dad for just three months, they already have bunch of nicknames for Panda Bear, Meerkat, and me.

And yesterday on JB’s Small World, she wrote about all the nicknames her Mom has for her and her sisters. So, in the spirit of cat blogosphere collaboration, this is the Nickname Meme, created by JB and Padre.

Here are the rules:
Post a link to the kitty who tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
List your real name, how you got your real name, nicknames you like/tolerate, and nicknames you wish your humans would stop calling you.
Tag several kitties, and write a comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Real Name: Padre

Padre Plays Well

Named Padre Because: I am a dark grey tabby with a white patch of fur on my neck. Mom and Dad think that the white patch makes me look like I am wearing a minister’s collar. Padre is Spanish for “Father” as in a priest’s title.

Nicknames I Like/Tolerate:
Big Grey Kitty
Mr. P.

Nicknames I Do Not Like:
Clyde (because I look like one of the kitties who came before me… named Clyde. Sometimes Mom and Dad accidentally call me Clyde.)

Now, I tag my adopted siblings, Panda Bear and Meerkat, as well as:

Miles and Sammy Meezer
Max, The Psychokitty
Monty Q. Kat
Poppy Q



Miss Poppy Q highlighted The Furry Bambinos on her bloggie today in her “My Friday Friend” feature!! That was so nice of her!!

Poppy Q is a sweet British shorthair girlcat who lives in New Zealand with her mum. Poppy was adopted on December 30, 2006, so she just celebrated her Gotchaversary. Poppy started blogging back in May of 2007.

Poppy Q

Poppy Q is very friendly and has welcomed others to the blogosphere. Just this week, with Poppy’s encouragement, SophieKitty from Chicago started blogging.

Please make sure that you stop by Poppy Q’s blog to say hello! While you’re at it, go say hi to SophieKitty, too!

Thanks again, Miss Poppy Q!!


Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Kwanzaa Efurryone! We hope that you all had nice holidays with your families and furriends.

This was our first Christmas in our furrever home at Casa Cabán. First, Mommy and Daddy felt the need to take our pictures.  Mommy and Daddy made us dress up for the occasion. They made Panda Bear wear a jester’s collar with jingle bells.  (snicker)

Panda Jester #3

Meerkat had to wear a red muffler with big fuzzy white balls.  Meerkat and Panda Bear do look cute sitting together on their Gizzy Quilts on the rolling foot stool thingy.  They look so different from each other, but they are siblings.

 Kittens pose for Christmas

Oh, the indignity of it all …  they made me wear a Santa Hat. (Note how pretty my blue Gizzy Quilt is. If you want to learn more about Gizzy Quilts, check out the Bizzy for Gizzy web site.)

Padre poses for Christmas

The photo shoot completely exhausted us, so we caught up on our napping.  We had to be well rested for the rest of the day’s festivities.  Meerkat slept on the rolling foot stool thingy next to our stockings.  (Mommy was afraid to hang our stockings from the mantel.  Something about a certain male kitten in the house who has a fetish with dangly things.)

Meerkat on Ottoman with Christmas Stockings

Panda Bear chose to sleep under the tree among the presents.

 Panda sleeping in the presents

I slept in a basket that Mommy and Daddy said used to belong to “Clyde”.  Mommy and Daddy were all weepy because they said I looked just like Clyde in the basket.

Padre in Clyde

After we got all rested, then we started opening presents!  I got this really cool catnip sock that Panda Bear kept trying to steal from me.

Padre with Yellow Sock

Panda Bear gave a good sniff to his toys.

Panda with Various Toys

Meerkat had fun playing with the neato pink boa toy:

Meerkat with Pink Boa

Panda Bear and me sniffing the neato pink boa toy:

Padre & Panda with Boa

Meerkat gave the DVD of Season One of “Meerkat Manor” to Mommy.  Note how Meerkat is posing just like the picture of the meerkat on the box.  Doesn’t Mommy look happy?

Meerkat & Meerkat Manor

We had a wonderful Christmas, and it was the very first Christmas for the kittens.  We are all very grateful for having such a great furrever home!

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Kwanzaa Efurryone!


Hi efurryone! Padre here, and I am doing my very first meme! We got tagged by Tybalt the Prince of Cats and Tigger the F.B.I. Cat for the 7 Weird or Interesting Things about You Meme.

here are the meme rules:
* link to the cat who tagged you and post the rules on your blog
* share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself
* tag 7 random cats at the end of your post & include links to their blogs
* let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

1. I was adopted eight weeks ago into my permanent furrever home. I used to live with someone else, but they left me on the doorstep of a veterinarian’s office earlier this year. I wound up in kitty prison for awhile, although I did not do anything wrong. Then I got rescued from prison in the nick of time by a very nice lady who enrolled me in PetSmart college. I graduated from college and came to live here.

2. I love my Daddy and Mommy very much. I am so grateful to have such a nice furrever home here.  I especially LOVE when Mommy gives me baby food.  Yum, yum, yum, it is my very favorite treat!

3.  I don’t have claws on my front paws, but I do have claws on my back paws. 

4.  I like to chatter at birds. 

5.  I like to yodel.  I especially like to yodel at 2:00 am.  Apparently Clyde (one of the kitties who lived here before who is now at The Rainbow Bridge) also really really liked to yodel.  Since Clyde and I both are grey tabbies, Mom thinks that it is a “grey tabby thing” to yodel.  (Mom was wondering if there are other grey tabbies out there who also like to yodel?  She also wants to know if you yodel if you are not a grey tabby.)

6.  I was injured a long time ago … before I came to this wonderful furrever home.  The bones on my front right pinky toe have healed a little bit out of alignment.

7.  I do some of my best sleeping on Daddy’s lap!  I do not like to nap on Mommy’s lap.

Padre and Daddy sleeping

Now, I need to tag some other kitties so that they can do this meme too.  I tag:

Kelly, Lizzie, Caitie, & Nicky from It’s all Good, Chance, and Rocky et al at Artsy Catsy.



Mommy ordered us Gizzy Quilts as a special Christmas gift.  Mommy asked us what our color preferences were, and then she contacted Millie’s Mom, Lynne, about making the Gizzy Quilts.  For those of you who don’t know, Millie has her own blog, Darling Millie, which we love to read every day.  The quilts are named for Gizzy, Millie’s big brother, who went to The Rainbow Bridge earlier this year.  You can see other Gizzy Quilts that Millie’s Mom made at the Bizzy for Gizzy Quilts web site.  Millie’s Mom is furry talented indeed!

 When the quilts arrived, of course Panda Bear and I had to sniff the box:

The boys sniff the quilt box

Not to be outdone, Meerkat also gave the box a thorough sniffing:

Meerkat Sniffs the Quilt Box

And then we had to sniff our quilts.  Here I am on my “Warm Cheery Blue” Gizzy Quilt:

Padre on his blue quilt

And this is Meerkat on her “Brown and Beige Kalahari” Gizzy Quilt (note how well her quilt matches her furs):

Meerkat on her quilt

And this is Panda Bear checking out his “Dark Brick Red” Gizzy Quilt.  Note how well Panda Bear’s quilt matches the curtains.  (You can see the curtains better in the picture of Meerkat on her quilt.)

Panda Bear on his new quilt

Plus, here is a photo of Panda Bear on my “Warm Cheery Blue” Gizzy Quilt.  Apparently, Panda Bear is not particular about where he stretches out:

Panda on Padre

Obviously, I have some “educating” to do here!

The Gizzy Quilts are absolutely beautiful.  The photos do not do the quilts justice!  Plus, it was so much fun to get to choose exactly the colors that we wanted!  Thanks so much for creating such beautiful Gizzy Quilts for us, “Mom Lynne”!