Flight Risk

Gee, thanks Mao, and Annie, too.

Mom says because of all the missing kitties in the Blogosphere lately, that Padre, Meerkat, and I have to wear these dorky collars with dangly circle thingys on them. Apparently, Mom wrote our names and their phone number on the dangly circle thingys. She says that it is so that in case we ever escape that we could be returned home safely.

My dorky red collar

Mom even had the nerve to say to Dad that I “am a flight risk”. Wth? I don’t have wings! What is she talking about, dudes? Just because I like to try to sneak out the door to give her a warm sendoff when she leaves for work? Mom won’t let me escort her to the room that moves that is sitting in the driveway, she always shoves me back inside. Doesn’t she understand that I am just trying to be a gentleman?

To top things off, Meerkat got her collar stuck in her mouth, while she was wearing it! It took both Dad and Mom to rescue my poor sister from the Evil Collar Monster. At least Meerkat got a really good bite on Mom’s finger, as well as digging one of her claws into another finger!! Heh.

Later, the collar dangly thing somehow managed to get stuck on one of my teeth!! Again, it took Dad to rescue me from the Evil Collar Monster.

Padre also has to wear a collar. He tried to get his off at first too, then has largely ignored it. What a wuss! We need to have a unified front here, and I don’t take kindly to traitors. Maybe I should put the bitey on him…

In other news, I received word that I am officially a Tuxedo Gang Hideout Member!! Of course I am thrilled!! More about this later. This is what the logo looks like for the Tuxedo Gang:

New Tuxedo Gang Hideout Member

But how humiliating that now that I am finally in a gang, that I have to be seen wearing this dorky collar!

I think that tonight while she is asleep, I will give Mom the bitey… or maybe I should poop on her pillow… decisions… decisions…

P.S. Mom told me that I had to mention that Padre, Meerkat, Mom, Dad, and I are so relieved that Mao is back, safe and sound. Still, we are worried about Annie being away. We are purring and praying for her safe return.

4 thoughts on “Flight Risk”

  1. Yes, collars are a pain. Jan is talking about putting collars on us felines. We canines think it is a good idea since we have to wear them.

    We’re not too sure we felines want to after reading about The Evil Collar Monster.

    We’re glad Mao is back too and that Annie has been seen. We hope she will be back inside soon.

    jans funny farm

  2. Ivy is a HUGE “flight risk” at our house. If she sees a door opening, she flies right to it and tries her best to get out. Mommy has tried and tried to keep a collar on her, but Ivy must be related to Houdini, because she always manages to get out of it.

    Mommy wanted me to extend her warmest wishes to your mommy and daddy in their quest to keep you safe.

    I, on the other hand, want to commend you in your fight against the evil collar monster.

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